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UpdatedSaturday March 10, 2018 byTroy Ruegsegger.

Ruegsegger Sports League (RSL) was founded in 2014.  Through RSL, your teams will be able to play games in your local area and against teams with similiar skill levels.  With RSL, there are no sanctions required, overwhelming playing rules, age requirments, or high price playing fees.

Boys and Girls Basketball - Games begin mid November, and finish in February/March (no games during holiday weekends)

Games are scheduled in a three team format.  The host school will play the 1st and 3rd game, while two visiting teams will play back to back games.  One visiting team will play the 1st & 2nd games, while the other visiting team plays the 2nd & 3rd games. 

5th Grade plays the first shift; 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00

6th Grade plays the second shift; 12:00, 1:00 and 2:00

7th and 8th Grade follow the same format, but DO NOT play on the same weekend as 5th & 6th Grade.

4th Grade Basketball - game times TBD

Baseball - League begins first week of June

Games are scheduled as double headers.  3rd/4th division will play at 5:30, and 5th/6th division will play at 7:30.  These games are on Mondays and Thursdays. 

 Games for 7th/8th division will be played on Tuesdays and Fridays beginning at 6:30

Wednesdays should be used for rescheuled games.

Team Registration for all Leagues

$50 - Team